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Greek academic presence around the world

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Part I: Data

“ With a traditional survey, statisticians

  1. identify a target/survey population,
  2. build a survey frame to reach this population,
  3. draw a sample, collect the data.

They will build a box and fill it with data in a very structured way. With Big data, data comes first and the reflex of official statisticians would be to build a box !

source: EU Big Data force report on Big Data

Data sources

source: EKT

“Academic Presence” Definition

Data Definition
  • An author writes many papers every year.
  • An author may write papers with different affiliations.
  • Each paper may be written by many authors.
  • 1 count/year = 1 Author,Country,Year set
  • Greek author = Author with Greek name
  • A paper will count more than once if it is written by multiple Greek authors.
  • An author will count more than once if he writes papers in different countries.

Alternative Definitions

paper first approach instead of author first

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Vis accuracy

source: Jeffrey Heer and Michael Bostock, Crowdsourcing Graphical Perception: Using Mechanical Turk to Assess Visualization Design

Vis interact

Part III: Big Data Vis

Why: Big data exploratory analysis. We can explore data on coordinates level, instead of country level.
  • Computational intensive interactivity may not be possible
  • Harder to develop - low level optimizations may be needed
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